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This summer saw the release of an exciting new section to the TIM Accommodation Management Module.

This development concentrates on the major aspects of selling accommodation through a variety of distribution channels such as Call Centres, Accommodation Bureaux, World Wide Web, and Tourist Information Centres.

The new suite is full of practical features, including: -

  • comprehensive search and select routines, which have been developed to enable client requirements to be entered quickly and efficiently;

  • results are filtered logically, and displayed virtually instantly - this is essential to cope with busy Call Centre and Accommodation Bureau environments, where time and professionalism are of the essence;

  • full history of every enquirer, instantly displaying repeat enquiry details on entering name and postcode;

  • displays multiple room types, room descriptions, special rates and infinite price structures, which can also be configured to and select on a 'per room' or 'per-person' basis;

  • indicates 'better value', 'under-occupancy', and 'under-occupancy charges' where appropriate;

  • availability can be entered for any period, either manually by staff or electronically by accommodation providers, for any room type, for any period dynamically, by allocation or by brokering;

  • options are available for defining how long data stays current, with the time and method of the last update clearly recorded and displayed;

  • Fairness Criteria, the order in which suitable establishments are listed, can be configured to ensure a totally fair spread of bookings.

  • supports conference booking;

As with all other TIM modules, the new Accommodation Module can be configured in a variety of multiple setup options, so that screens can be customised to suit different types of application.

These configuration options are Work-Station specific, so screens used by Call Centre operators can look different from those used by TIC staff, which again can differ visually from those in membership, marketing and administration departments.

Using the powerful Reporter and Statistics module within TIM, a host of information can be extracted from the Accommodation Module on a wide range of criteria. All this information can be viewed on-screen, printed out, or imported into spreadsheets such as Excel for further customisation

As well as recording the time and result of every call made to the accommodation providers, this includes basic information such as:

  • value of bookings

  • detailed breakdown of commissions and fees.

  • detailed allocation report

  • bed nights, people nights, establishment types, room/unit type.

  • accommodation type: serviced/self catering/caravan/camping/group

  • booking type - counter/BABA/conference/advanced/telephone

Because TIM has been developed to industry standard protocols, the central database can be directly interfaced with most industry standard software.

This provides simple dynamic interfacing with Counter Systems, Call Centre, Public Access and the World Wide Web either through CTV or through third party software developers.

There has never been a more flexible product - and it doesn't stop here.

CTV's next step is to concentrate all development on e-commerce by developing and improving the dynamic links between the World Wide Web and the Destination Management Organisation . . . so watch this space!

2000 CTV Tourism Services Ltd, Mark, Somerset UK