The CTV National Helpline provides support to all clients 363 days a year. All CTV sites are 'on-line' which enables trained staff access to your PC within minutes of a problem being reported.


CTV offer comprehensive hardware support with guaranteed response times from 4 to 8 hours. We operate a swap-out policy so even if your hardware cannot be repaired on-site a replacement is provided and all software transferred.


As a general policy of 'best value' CTV has built its own computers since 1997. This means that we are able to provide top specification hardware at competitive prices.


Training is undertaken by individuals with direct experience in the Tourism industry, not by computer 'experts.' Various training packages are offered on a flexible basis to address individual needs, starting with a basic introduction to the PC for the complete beginner. Training audits can be undertaken to identify specific needs of new clients. This is undertaken on similar hardware to that purchased by the client with a maximum of eight users per training day to allow practical 'hands on' learning.


Our highly qualified staff have years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining computerised systems. They will ensure that you receive the IT equipment that you need in order to stay successful. The choice of installation services range from simple desktop delivery through to complex rollouts involving pre-configuration and testing of equipment prior to installation.

CTV can provide project management for large networks. This service covers everything from initial consultancy and design, through to installation and testing. From the point of order/contract installation can normally be completed within 28 days. Configuration of networks and installation of software only, can normally be completed within 14 days from order.


All future enhancements and developments are provided to clients at no extra cost as part of the support agreement. CTV have always considered this to be of prime importance when establishing standards (all clients have the same software) and for clients to budget effectively. CTV will not charge for the latest version.


Support costs are thought to be one of the most prohibitive factors when purchasing a management system but with CTV start from as little as 602 per year. Given the CTV policy regarding updates there are no hidden extras. This means that CTV clients always have the latest technology at their disposal.

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